About Us

Software Engineering, Consulting and User Experience Design.

Our Mission

We love helping people and organisations that are passionate about bringing something new to the market or doing something differently. Our mission is to ensure our clients continue to deliver successful innovation through technology.

Our Philosophy

  1. We believe people are the most important thing in business. 
    We look to build long term relationships by always acting with Integrity and communicating openly and honestly. We know that our customers need a reliable partner so we always stick to our word.
  2. We strive for quality.
    We perform peer reviews on our work, we write appropriate tests for our software and have guidelines and standards for everything we do. We will always work towards quality before time and cost (in the absence of an explicit instruction) because we know this leads to a better outcome for us and our customers in the long run.
  3. We live to take on challenges.
    We face into problems with a smile and enthusiasm. We welcome robust, opinionated, heated debates in the search of the right solution (or in defining the problem).It isn’t uncommon for someone in our company to say “Wait, are you serious? I’m going to get paid to solve that problem?” That’s how much we love working on a challenge. 
  4. We're always looking to learn something new and apply it.
    We invest in training and activities that will increase our knowledge. We also invest our personal time in improving and perfecting our skills. We create an environment in which others aren’t afraid to try new things and make mistakes – it's through mistakes that we learn the most.